Maddie Hahn - Marketing Intern at PAXXUS

Maddie Hahn

Texas A&M University | Communications '21

I am a senior at Texas A&M University majoring in communications. I am currently a Marketing Intern at PAXXUS and loving it! My career goals are to make a difference wherever I work by using marketing techniques that will enhance businesses outreach. Through my internship I have gained so much knowledge and experience, having already been a part of launching social media campaigns and performing competitive analysis. One of my favorite things about PAXXUS is the leadership. In addition, I have so many incredible people to learn from, plus having a female boss and CEO is so empowering. When I’m not working or at school I love painting and makeup!

Coud Masibhera - Quality Assurance Intern at PAXXUS

Cloud Masibhera

Drake University | Business Management '21

I am a junior at Drake University majoring in Business Management. I am currently a Quality Assurance Intern at PAXXUS. My career goals are to learn a variety of skills in areas within the field of Business Management and work toward deciding what area of specialization I want to take. I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills through my internship like evaluating the cost impact of top non-conformances and learning how to effectively use the Quality Compliance Management System and Quality Assurance Network. One of the things that I like about PAXXUS is that everyone shares the same vision and there is a genuine spirit of collaboration. When I am not busy with work or school, I usually enjoy eating a pack of gummy bears while playing video games on my Xbox.

Alyssa Brown - Engineering Intern at PAXXUS

Alyssa Brown

St. Louis University | Biomedical Engineering '21

I am going to be a senior at St. Louis University, studying Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Engineering Math and Mechanical Engineering. This summer at PAXXUS, I am working on a research project to improve two ASTM test methods for a quality assurance test performed on our pouches.

Following graduation, I plan on continuing my education with a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering, focusing on orthopedic bioengineering. I hope to eventually work in the prosthetics or orthopedic field. Through my project on the ASTM test methods, I have gained the skills needed to properly develop and execute an open-ended research project, which will aid me tremendously in beginning my Master’s thesis next year.

Over the past three summers of working at PAXXUS, I have loved the overwhelming hospitality and warmth of the work environment. Everyone I have worked with has been extremely supportive, friendly, and helpful! In my free time, I enjoy biking, traveling (when allowed), and spending time with my friends and family. I am also the president of the Engineers Without Borders SLU Chapter, which takes up a lot of my time!