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Environment Policy

At PAXXUS, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality flexible material solutions designed and produced in an environmentally responsible manner that goes beyond industry regulations, laws, and codes of practice.

We pledge to keep exploring opportunities to prevent pollution, improve our environmental performance, and promote the use and development of sustainable materials.

We promise to remain vigilant about how our actions today impact our world tomorrow. We are excited to continue to collaborate on projects that have the power to positively affect the world we all share.

Together, we can improve the quality of life
now and for future generations
through engineered flexible materials.

Responsible Manufacturing

We are dedicated to producing our materials in a manner that does no harm and preserves our world. We are continuously monitoring our production processes and evaluating opportunities to reduce waste and energy usage, prevent pollution, and maintain responsible water usage. Our sustainability initiatives cascade throughout our entire manufacturing process resulting in increased efficiency. From project start to finish, you can feel confident that your order is being produced in a manner that is safe for our environment and supports the future of a circular economy.

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Reducing Energy Usage

Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to maintaining reliable manufacturing facilities that are focused on sustainable practices. Our facilities purchase renewable energy and closely monitor usage. We regularly perform energy audits on our manufacturing equipment and participate in demand response events to conserve energy during peak hours. Our energy reduction efforts over the years are now paying dividends. Since 2015, our electricity usage is down more than 11% per unit processed and gas usage has been reduced by 55% per unit processed.

Electricity usage decreased by


Gas usage decreased by


Reducing Greenhouse Gases


Reduction in Scope 1 Emissions


Reduction in Scope 2 Emissions

Manufacturing Equipment


Energy Savings with Variable Frequency Drives

Replacement of energy-intensive hydraulic systems with advanced electric motors & drives

Green Information Technology


Energy Savings from Low-Power Office Equipment

Virtualized servers reduce material waste, electricity use, server sprawl, and cooling loads from traditional physical servers.


Reduction in
non-design waste since 2015

Reducing Material Defects

We are passionate about preventing quality defects before they even happen. Since 2015, we have reduced internally-generated rejections by 50%, keeping more material out of landfills.

Paper Reduction Program


Reduction in paper usage at the US location

By optimizing our digital document management, our employee-lead initiative was able to dramatically reduce companywide paper usage.

Reducing Waste

Our employee-led “Process Teams” are dedicated to identifying and leading projects that streamline production processes and ensure Lean Manufacturing Principles are practiced. Their efforts can be seen across the entire organization – most notably by increasing efficiencies and reducing waste. Revamping of set-up processes and new trim reduction practices are just a few initiatives that have yielded impressive results in this area.

water usage

The use of life cycle assessment tools (LCA’s) has shown that flexible packaging usually results in less fossil fuel usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and water use than other formats due to its very light weight nature.1

1. FPA’s report, A Holistic View of the Role of Flexible Packaging in a Sustainable World


Did you know?

Water consumption is a growing concern as water quality and drought effects increase. Therefore, carefully selecting materials that can be produced with responsible water usage is key to protecting our natural resources. Flexible packaging has been shown to have a 59% reduction in water usage when compared to other types of package.

Pollution Prevention

PAXXUS utilizes thermal oxidizers to control the amount of volatile organic chemicals emitted in to the atmosphere and the surrounding area. The overall efficiency of these units is greater than 98%.


We are incredibly proud of our efforts to reduce and ultimately eliminate waste as an organization. 96.4% of all waste generated globally is either recycled or repurposed. To achieve and continuously improve the amount of waste recycled we push ourselves to meet even higher standards for our recycling goals each year. Additionally, we are actively collaborating within our industry to support the infrastructure of advanced recycling and to make it a readily available and viable option.


of waste generated is recycled or repurposed

Dedicated to keeping waste out of landfills around the world

We have already met and exceeded our pledge to increase our Global Recycling Rate to

95% by 2025

Green Globe Award for Environmental Achievement

Awarded to PAXXUS for a redesigned medical pouch that achieved significant gains in source reduction, pollution prevention, and resource conservation.

Sustainable Solutions for Healthcare Packaging

Our team of expert material scientists have developed several sustainable structures that achieve the same quality and performance as traditional flexible materials. We are so proud to have been recognized by the Flexible Packaging Association several times over the years for our advances in sustainable packaging solutions. We pledge to continually innovate and support our customers sustainability initiatives.

Sustainable Industry Collaborations

In 2021, PAXXUS joined Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council as a Strategic Corporate Member demonstrating our commitment to furthering Healthcare plastics recycling.

PAXXUS is contributing HPRC’s advanced recycling work by supplying our packaging films and pre-made pouches for advanced recyclers to analyze. The goal of this exercise is to better understand what the end-of-life solutions are for our products and ensure healthcare plastic packaging is properly collected and recycled after it has served its intended use. With continuous industry collaboration we hope to make advanced recycling a broadly acceptable and available option.

When it comes to responsible design, PAXXUS leverages HPRC’s Design Guidelines for Optimal Hospital Plastics Recycling along with other industry accepted plastics and packaging guidelines to ensure responsible design choices are being made in partnership with our customers.

HPRC logo

HPRC is a private technical coalition of industry peers across healthcare, recycling and waste management industries seeking to improve recyclability of plastic products within healthcare. HPRC is made up of brand leading and globally recognized members including suppliers, converters, medical device manufacturers, recyclers and hospitals.

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PAXXUS is an active member of Kilmer Innovations in Packaging’s Sustainability Team. This team is active in upstream sustainability initiatives that are complimentary to HPRC’s downstream plastics
recycling initiatives.


PAXXUS has been a leader in providing high-performance, mono-material flexible packaging structures for more than a decade. Our StreamTM line of recycle-ready materials can be customized to meet virtually any sustainability objective. Featuring ultra-high barrier solutions, high-temperature sterilization options and varying resin choices, Stream materials will help you advance your sustainability objectives without sacrificing performance.


PAXXUS’ leading-edge technology enables the creation of high-performance structures that achieve performance benefits with less material. Our proprietary manufacturing techniques enable us to replace complex structures with mono-materials and/or thinner layers in certain applications.

ClearForm FormableBottomWebs 600x428 1

Options in downgauged forming films provide environmentally-friendly packaging solutions that can achieve even the most demanding forms and result in drastic savings in material costs.

FormFoilColdformFoil 600x428 1

50% reduction in aluminum foil usage and a package weight reduction of almost 30% without sacrificing performance.


PAXXUS employs a proprietary solvent-free technology to create high performance sustainable solutions. This can result in material usage reductions of up to 20% when compared to conventionally-laminated structures. PAXXUS’ award-winning Triad® product line is just one example of the success that can be achieved with this approach.

Investing in a Sustainable Future

PAXXUS has made significant investments in solventless laminating capabilities globally, allowing us to further reduce emissions and continue to develop innovative sustainable packaging solutions.

Solvent-Free Technology

  • High performance flexible structures
  • Lowers material usage by up to 20%
  • Less production waste
  • Energy efficient manufacturing


As a WBENC certified women owned business diversity, equity, and inclusion are closely held values. Additionally, almost 50% or our work force is made up of minority demographics, further amplifying our desire to continuously support the personal and professional growth of our employees. By championing these values, we hope to give our employees the confidence to flourish both inside and outside of our organization.

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Community Outreach

We believe in being a responsible leader within our community by creating meaningful contributions. Every year we conduct and participate in a multitude of programs that give back to our community. From our annual toy drive with the Humanitarian Service Project to our local candy collection with Treats for Troops, we hope to create and inspire a positive impact on our community.

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