PAXXUS is a technology-driven company. Our staff of highly-skilled engineers and scientists have extensive experience in developing flexible material solutions for healthcare and life sciences applications. With a deep understanding of material science as well as demanding regulatory requirements, we are ready to collaborate with you on something new or to help resolve a challenge with a pre-existing system. Through constant innovation, our engineered flexible materials have been recognized and awarded for cutting-edge advancements in clear high-barrier films, aluminum foil composites, peelable solutions, and chemically-resistant materials.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy material science testing

Our prototype lab is where concept packages come to life.

We can produce very high quality samples to see, feel, and test with your actual product.

Testing and Analysis Capabilities

  • Structure identification
  • Moisture and oxygen barrier verification
  • Extensive heat seal strength characterization
  • Rheology characterization
  • Thermal Stability
  • Autoclave cycle development
  • Shelf life testing

Supporting Your Success

  • Package design & development
  • Engineered materials developed for specific applications
  • Prototype sample creation and evaluation
  • Production & Trials
  • Design of Experiments and Validation
  • Specification development
  • Field service