Despite significant material and logistics challenges, 2021 was an incredibly productive year. We have commissioned new equipment at our sites in the US, Singapore, and Ireland, expanded our business continuity plans to be more robust than ever, and continued to make innovative advancements in healthcare packaging. Here are some highlights:

PAXXUS new blown film line

New Manufacturing Assets

Our new W&H 7-layer blown film line is fully operational in Singapore, making forming webs and peelable solutions more accessible than ever. Meanwhile, two new Bobst adhesive laminators have been commissioned in the US and Ireland providing more laminating capacity dedicated to healthcare.

PAXXUS pouches ph compressed

Mitigating Risk

Our material stocking program is being expanded to offset the risk of material shortages and logistics challenges.  We are now housing even more flexible materials needed for your healthcare packaging applications. 

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Continuously Innovating

Our Chameleon visual seal-assurance system was recognized and awarded by the FPA for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging!
PAXXUS diagnostic device packaging solutions

Diagnostic Expertise

In 2021, we expanded our product offering for both internal components and primary packaging for diagnostic devices. Check out our new Diagnostic Material Selector Guide to find the best material match for your application.

Coming Soon!

In response to massive demand, the PAXXUS R&D team has been working diligently to develop even more alternative material options to offset challenges caused by supply chain logistics. In 2022, we will be introducing a new coated Tyvek® technology for healthcare applications as well as recycle-ready all-HDPE pouches. Both products use readily-available ingredients and are produced in multiple PAXXUS locations worldwide.

Tyvek Uncoated