AccuPierceweb TYNRYJBDAddison, IL – (August 10th , 2021) – PAXXUS introduces AccuPierce™, a pierceable, chemically-resistant aluminum foil designed for diagnostic applications and used as the lidding component within the device. 

AccuPierce pierceable foil lidding is a composite material consisting of a highly-controlled aluminum foil paired with PAXXUS’ chemically resistant, high-barrier Exponent™ sealant. It allows for a clean, quick puncture in sensitive testing environments, is able to contain the often-aggressive chemicals used as reagents, and will seal to a wide variety of materials.

Unlike most materials on the market, which are repurposed push-through foils, AccuPierce was designed layer by layer to meet the increased market demand for pierceable aluminum foil for diagnostic devices that require a high degree of repeatability.

Excellent chemical resistance is provided by PAXXUS’ proprietary Exponent™ sealant, making AccuPierce suitable for use with many compounds including dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) reagents, organic solvents, ethanol, and isopropanol. The aluminum foil provides an extreme barrier against moisture and oxygen that is enhanced by the Exponent sealant. In contrast, the sealants used for the traditional push-through-foil options can interact or be attacked by the reagents that it is intended to hold.

AccuPierce is heat sealable to polypropylene, polyethylene, and COC – the most common reagent well materials. Able to provide a strong hermetic seal to extremely narrow surfaces, the purity and performance of the reagent is ensured. The traditional push-though-foil technology lacks the ability to seal to the broad range of materials used to create the reagent wells and struggles to hermetically seal to the extremely narrow sealing surface.

AccuPierce is compatible with multiple sterilization processes and is an ideal solution for DNase, RNase, and human DNA applications. This is not the case for the traditional push-through foil technology which is incompatible with some sterilization processes.

The consistent and relatively low puncture force needed to pierce AccuPierce lidding allows for excellent performance with the range of probe formats. Repeatable and highly accurate diagnostic results can be assured when using AccuPierce.