Introducing The Next Generation of Cohesive Peel Technology designed for use with Uncoated Tyvek®

PAXXUS’ patented Chameleon technology is now available for use with uncoated Tyvek®

A breakthrough Visual Seal-Assurance System, Chameleon offers visual proof of seal integrity at the point-of-use to promote MDR compliance. Seal integrity is clearly evident to the end-user, even in fast-paced healthcare settings.

  • An ideal match for DuPont™ Tyvek®. Pricing within 1% of traditional PET/PE pouches. How does Chameleon compare?
  • Smooth, cohesive peel eliminates fiber-tear. Chameleon is easy to open and promotes patient safety. Hear what the nurses have to say.
  • Wide operating window with consistent, stable seal strengths even with equipment variability. The material is designed to be extremely operator friendly and provide visual proof of package seal. How does Chameleon compare?
  • Available in any color! Choose your hue
  • Recognized & Awarded by the Flexible Packaging Association
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DuPont Tyvek

TYVEK® and the DuPont Oval Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours Inc, used under license by PAXXUS Inc.

Subtle Tint, Big Payoff

  • Easier for operators to verify seals during production
  • Compatible with virtually any vision system for non-destructive in-line inspection
  • Subtle tint does not obstruct view of or transfer to product

Choose Your Hue

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State-of-the-art Regulatory Compliance

“It shall be ensured that the integrity of that packaging is clearly evident to the final user,”
[at the point of use] MDR (GSPR) 11.4, Takes effect May 2021

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Quickly Detect a breach in the seal
Traditional Adhesive PET/PE
vs Chameleon System

Price & Performance


Would the nurses really accept something so different?
Yes. We asked them.

"In an environment that is sometimes stressful and always fast-paced, this would make it a lot easier to make sure that we’re not putting the patient at risk for infection."
OR Nurse
at Northwestern Medicine Delnor
"When COVID hit, we were so short on supplies, everything coming in was different looking. We are okay with different."
Charge Nurse
at Beth Israel Deaconess

Peel & Seal Fundamentals


new Delam Peel zoom
  • Interlayer peel
  • Weld seal to substrate
  • Bond strength within multilayer film the weak link by design
  • Relatively rare in life sciences applications
  • Susceptible to webbing or stringing
  • Variable seal strength

Adhesive Peel

new Adhesive peel zoom
  • Interfacial (sealant-substrate) peel location
  • Poor seal indicator
  • Sensitive to operating and equipment variation

Cohesive Peel

new Cohesive peel zoom
  • Intralayer (sealant) peel mechanism
  • Excellent seal indicator
  • Wide operating window

Proven Technology

Cytotoxicity ReactivityAging Date
Polyester / Allegro® TGrade 0
5-year real time
No statistical change
Nylon / Allegro® TGrade 0
5-year real time
No statistical change

Allegro® T + Tint = Chameleon

Find Your Optimum Sealing Zone


In the News

Learn Even More About the Technology Behind Chameleon

Advances in Cohesive Peel Technology

PAXXUS’ Chief Technology Officer, Doug Dodrill, discusses the science behind cohesive peel technology with Jose Arevalo and Mark Sundt from DuPont.

Advances in Cohesive Peel Technology
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