PAXXUS’ family of breathable Tyvek sealant options provides solutions for virtually every packaging application. Our RP heat seal coating technology can be applied to any of the medical grades of Tyvek and allows customers to choose the ideal seal strength for the specific partner rigid or flexible material being considered.Medical-grade Tyvek is ideal for applications requiring breathability and a microbial barrier. Tyvek has excellent tear strength and puncture resistance and is compatible with most commonly used sterilization methods.

Compatible sterilization methods include:

  • Ethylene oxide
  • Gamma
  • Electron-beam
  • Steam under controlled conditions
  • Low-temperature oxidative sterilization processes

It can be used as a lidding material for rigid trays or paired with films for pouches and form-fill-seal packages.

Tyvek® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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Seals and Peels From
Flexible MaterialsRigid Materials
Product NameEVA LDPEHDPE Surlyn®Uncoated Tyvek® & Paper APETCPETPETG HDPEPVCHIPSBarexEtOSteamComments
RP-30A lower coating weight version of RP-300. Seals well to flexible materials and to itself. Ideal for desiccant applications.
RP-43A lower coating weight version of RP-433 intended for flexible materials.
RP-300Provides ultra-strong seals for items with a very small seal area.
RP-433The most universal heat seal coating. Excellent porosity and a wide sealing range.
Seals and Peels From
Flexible MaterialsRigid Materials
20-0002RP-300RP-300 coated 1073BPPPPPP
20-0009RP-433RP-433 coated 1073BPPPPPPP
20-0010RP-433RP-433 coated 1059B PPPPPPP
20-0011RP-300RP-300 coated 1059BPPPPPPP
20-0018RP-30RP-30 coated 1059BPPP
20-0200RP-30RP-30 coated 2FSPPP
20-0205RP-433RP-433 coated 2FSPPPPPPP
20-0212RP-300RP-300 coated 2FSPPPPPPP

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