An update on PAXXUS’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic

November 20th, 2020 At PAXXUS we remain focused on improving the quality of life through engineered flexible materials. While our mission takes on a heightened sense of urgency during the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to be devoted to the well-being of our employees, customers, manufacturers of COVID testing and support products, and the entire healthcare industry. We believe that clear and consistent communication is key to preventing the spread of the virus. Like you, we have been monitoring the situation closely and we are committed to keeping our customers, partners, and employees informed. We have developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan that details additional measures that have been implemented to maintain a healthy workforce based upon guidance from WHO, CDC, as well as local, Singapore, Ireland, and U.S. government and public health agencies. Some of the key plan details are shared below.

Employee Safety

The safety and wellbeing of the PAXXUS team is our top priority. The Management Team regularly reviews developments and provides frequent updates to employees via internal memo, video, and small socially-distanced groups. Additional precautions include the screening of all employees and visitors for temperature, virus symptoms, and potential exposure prior to entering the facilities. Physical workflows have been revised, face masks are required, and we have installed physical barriers in strategic locations to limit the potential spread of the virus. If a positive case is confirmed at PAXXUS, a risk-assessment is performed according to the current guidelines to assess potential exposure. Employees and visitors who may have come in contact with the individual are immediately notified.

Cleaning & Sanitation

In addition to standard cleaning procedures, several measures have been introduced to protect PAXXUS employees and products from exposure to the virus. High-traffic areas (door-knobs, handles etc.) and designated common areas (bathrooms, break rooms, etc.) are sanitized at least once per shift with either an alcohol system or an electrostatic disinfection system. Employees are encouraged to disinfect frequently touched surfaces after each use (vending machines, microwaves etc.) Work areas are sanitized at the beginning and end of each shift and hand sanitizer and alcohol spray are readily available throughout the premises.


Non-essential work-related travel by employees will be deferred. Any employees who, within the last 14 days, have travelled to a “hot spot” area or have congretated with a large group as defined locally will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days from the visit.

External Services & Visitors

Access to the PAXXUS facilities by outside service providers and visitors is limited and controlled. Critical contractors, service providers, and other visitors will be asked to complete a survey prior to entering the building in order to assess potential risk. Any individuals presenting as high risk will be required to defer their visit. Truck drivers and delivery personnel are not allowed past the docks.

Business Continuity and Capacity

We remain in close contact with our key suppliers and have been assured that the situation continues to be stable. In addition, we monitor upstream feedstock and raw materials in order to anticipate potential challenges. We are seeing transporation delays and, therefore, are encouraging customers to anticipate requirements and place orders with this in mind. Our own workforce is committed and very proud of the work they are doing to help fight COVID-19. As essential workers, they have been provided the necessary documentation to allow them to come to work even when shelter-in-place orders exist. Please be assured that we have the capacity to respond to increased needs and are ready to work closely with you to address any demand spikes. Given the critical healthcare market that we serve, we fully appreciate the importance of a reliable supply chain. This is an evolving situation and we will continue to reassess our response and adjust appropriately.

A Message to the PAXXUS Family

Below is an excerpt of a video message to employees from PAXXUS’ CEO, Dhuanne Dodrill.
We want to express our sincerest gratitude to our PAXXUS family for continuing to support our mission during this difficult time. 

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