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Welcome to Rollprint’s second Market Conditions Newsletter. We appreciate the feedback from the first edition and are delighted that so many of you found the information provided to be helpful.

Our second edition is primarily focused on the pending situations with the U.S. government inquiries into the aluminum foil trade. These investigations pertain to alleged dumping and government subsidizing of aluminum foil from China. The result could be import duties in excess of 140%, import restrictions, or tariff rate quotas. For a detailed summary of the overall situation prepared by the Sterile Packaging Manufacturers Council, click here.

Note that Rollprint purchases the vast majority of our aluminum foil from the U.S. However, it is highly likely that any trade actions will result in increased prices, extended lead times and potential shortages from all foil mills on a global basis. If you are purchasing foil-based products from Rollprint, your Account Manager will contact you shortly to discuss potential mitigation strategies.

If you would like to help provide feedback to your representatives in Washington concerning these potential import duties, the following link will take you to a form letter appropriate for sending to your Senator/Congressman. Download form letter here.

On a more positive note, we would like to remind you that Rollprint’s ClearFoil® product line offers ultra-high barriers without the use of foil and is more available and economical than ever. To learn more about the ClearFoil® product family, click here.

*Suitability for retort and gamma sterilization is dependent on sealant chemistry. Must be configured with a breathable web for EtO sterilization.

Oxygen barrier was tested at 0% relative humidity and 73°F. Moisture vapor was tested at 100% humidity and 100°F. Barrier numbers represent typical values and are not limiting specifications.

ClearFoil is a registered trademark of Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc.

All prices reference last day of quarter Foil prices change daily

How will this affect your product?

The vast majority of Rollprint’s aluminum foil is sourced in the U.S.

Almost every Rollprint customer is qualified in domestic foil.

In most cases, no changes are expected. If market conditions warrant, additional options will be presented.

It is expected that lead times will increase as companies migrate from Chinese foil mills to alternate sources. We have additional sources that can be used to mitigate lead times.