AuraSeal solves the longstanding challenge of assuring seal integrity with a non-destructive, efficient test. The packaging system consists of a clear film incorporating the AuraSeal technology paired with an opaque, white film. The sealed package, when exposed to long wave ultraviolet light, will brightly fluoresce in the sealed areas. Breaches in seal integrity can be easily detected due to visible voids in the fluorescence.


  • Demonstrate compliance with seal integrity requirements
  • 100% seal inspection is possible
  • Minimal equipment costs
  • Increased speed of seal inspection
  • Increased effectiveness of seal inspection

Feature/Benefit graphic:

  • Highly Sensitive: Can effectively detect channel in the seal with the same sensitivity as dye-leak testing and better than bubble-leak testing
  • Non-Destructive: The testing process has no effect on the functionality of the package.
  • Quick: Voids can be detected instantaneously.
  • Inexpensive: Low power “black light” and a vision inspection station are all that is required to perform the test.
  • Versatile: Works in both peelable and lock-up seal configurations. Two dimensional and thermoformable options are available.