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Addison, Ill. — (October 2, 2018) — Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. introduces a brand-new seal inspection system: AuraSeal*.

AuraSeal offers a quick, non-destructive method of 100% seal integrity inspection unlike dye-leak or bubble-leak testing. Defects within the seal can be identified instantaneously and the conforming packages can be immediately returned to inventory after inspection.

The system uses technology incorporated into a clear film top web and paired with an opaque, white film bottom web. When the package is exposed to long-wave ultraviolet light, the seal areas brightly fluoresce revealing defects. Channels are clearly visible to the naked eye due to voids in the fluorescence of seal areas. The result is an efficient method for non-destructive testing.

The AuraSeal system is designed to ensure seal integrity and increase overall efficiency for organizations serving the medical device, healthcare, and life sciences markets. In addition to being highly-efficient, the system is inexpensive to establish; a low-power “black light” and a visual inspection station are the only additional equipment required. The system is compatible with both peelable and weld seal configurations. AuraSeal is available to be incorporated into two-dimensional and thermoformable packaging formats. The new system will be officially introduced at Rollprint’s booth N-4953 at Pack Expo October 14-17.

Unveiling new technology at Pack Expo year-after-year is nothing new for Rollprint Packaging Products. However, the company has been quietly going through a transformation that is expected to have a significant effect on the global flexible healthcare packaging market. More details are to be officially announced at Pack Expo. “We have always promised our customers the highest quality flexible packaging solutions. Now, we are taking our commitment to an entirely new level,” says Dwane Hahn, VP of Sales & Marketing at Rollprint. “Our customers can expect the same high-quality solutions now with less risk.”

*Patent pending

Get more information about AuraSeal™ on the Product Page

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