PAXXUS, Inc. introduces additional variations of single-stream recycle-ready flexible materials.

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Addison, Ill.—(September 16, 2019)— PAXXUS, Inc. introduces additional variations of single-stream recycle-ready flexible materials.

PAXXUS has expanded its Stream™ brand of flexible mono-material packaging solutions that are compatible with recycle streams #1, #2, and #5 to support sustainability initiatives. Every material in the Stream™ family can be tailored to precise package requirements without sacrificing performance. Many of the Stream™ recycle-ready materials allow for down-gauging of up to 50% compared to traditional lidding and pouch materials, providing additional reductions in waste and energy. The wide sealing window of each Stream™ material allows for the utmost versatility and ease of use. Stream™ flexible materials can be printed and are ideal for lidding, pre-made pouches, 2D form fill seal, and flow wrap applications.

StreamOne® Recycle-Ready PET

The StreamOne®line was designed for the #1 Polyester recycle stream and was first launched over 10 years ago. Perfected to seal and peel smoothly from APET, CPET, and PETG trays, StreamOne®materials allow for absolute ease of use in sterile environments. High-barrier options guarantee the product remains protected throughout its journey to the end-user. For sterile applications, the material is designed to be compatible with radiation sterilization, and the physical properties of the material are consistent before and after the sterilization process. Opaque and clear options are available to suit product visibility requirements.

StreamOne® R – Retortable Recycle-Ready PET

StreamOne®R provides the same benefits of its parent StreamOne® with the additional  features of being suitable for retort or autoclave sterilization while providing outstanding barrier properties. Seal and barrier integrity are maintained even after the sterilization process. Reliable hermetic seals in pouch applications allow for the utmost security during distribution, ensuring the product stays protected throughout its journey. Designed for the #1 Polyester recycle stream.

StreamTwo® – Recycle-Ready HDPE

StreamTwo®materials were engineered for the #2 High Density Polyethylene recycle stream. Designed to provide an ultra-smooth peel from HDPE trays, StreamTwo®allows for an exceptional end-user experience. StreamTwo®is compatible with applications requiring radiation sterilization. Opaque and transparent options allow this material to be tailored to a variety of product visibility requirements.

StreamFive™ – Recycle-Ready PP

StreamFive™ was designed for the #5 Polypropylene recycle stream. This material seals to and peels smoothly from PP trays or itself in pouch form creating an entirely polypropylene packaging system with exceptional performance in patient-care environments. High barrier options ensure that both product protection and shelf-life are extended. StreamFive™ is suitable for retort or autoclave sterilization.

“The Stream™ product family now makes it easier than ever for medical device and life sciences companies to access the right recycle-ready packaging for their applications. These visionary companies can distribute with the utmost confidence that their products are saving lives today with packaging that protects tomorrow for future generations.”

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